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Young Living Foundation

Hey Ya’ll,

I thought that I would let you see the OTHER side of The Young Living Essential Oil Company. 

Young Living has a Foundation, called…wait for it….Young Living Foundation!! LOL!

I thought that I would share some that they do through organized projects around the world. If you like what you read, you can choose to donate when you order or even to “round up” to the nearest dollar amount on your monthly order. If everyone did this, it would generate $500,000 each month!! Think of how much good could be done with less than 1 dollar each month from all of our members. It is breath taking!

Young Living Academy in Ecuador– 

Beginning with 83 students and now has 340 kids with a 100% graduation rate (the rest of the area is 20%). The first graduating class was the class of 2016!

It all started when Gary was establishing the farm in Ecuador and noticed that the one school was in poor condition AND it housed 42 students (grades 1-6) in one tiny room. There were limited supplies, broken tables and all around just pitiful conditions. The new school opened in 2009. The kids are also taught farming skills and see the seed to seal process first hand. They are also offered music, drama and dance classes, soccer, baseball and volleyball clubs, computer and english classes. 


Rebuild Nepal– 

Nepal is a nation in desparate need. The Foundation is building 112 homes and 2 schools. 

The new high school was built so that kids don’t have to walk 2 miles each way to secondary school. They have also built a brick making plant to supply jobs. Empowering a village, Strengthening a community.  https://www.dgaryyoungfoundation.org/product/rebuild-nepal/

Maestral Orphange in Croatia:

This is the only orphanage of it’s kind in the area. It simulates the model of a traditional family, with 5 children to one staff member per apartment. Focusing on the individual when caring for and nurturing the child. if you want to see more: http://maestral.org/

Sole Hope, Uganda

Sole Hope employs medical personnel to remove the jiggers from the children affected with Jiggers. What is a Jigger? They are small sand fleas that burrow into the bare feet of thousands of children without adequate footwear. the result is infection, gangrene, paralysis, occasionally amputation or death. Because there is misconception on the cause of the jiggers, they are also exiled. Once treated they are also provided with education, shoes, and ongoing support. Visit their website to order a kit to cut out old blue jeans in patterns to be used to make shoes. The use old jeans for the tops, recycled milk jugs for the toe support and old tires for the soles. 

visit their website to see how you can get involved! http://www.solehope.org/

Earthquake relief, Ecuador-

after the earthquake that registered a 7.8, some of the Young Living staff traveled to Ecaudor and teamed up woith staff there to coordinate and purchase food, water and supplies. They assembled emergency kits which also included Young Living products. All of the items were delivered to the most remote areas hit by the devastating earthquake. We are still continuing to supply supplies and resources as the country recovers and rebuilds. 


Hope For Justice

With more than 20 million slaves in the world – more than half of those which are women and girls- making human trafficking one of the most devastating social issues of our time. 

Hope fir Justice exists to end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation. Following a four tiered strategy, they hope to bring freedom to the least, the last, and the lost. Young Living is partnering to help them expand their quality educational and vocational training programs in Cambodia so the lives of more victims can be restored. They also partner to sell jewelry pieces that the rescued girls in Cambodia have made.  

Young Living Foundation also fully supports a High school for girls 13-18 years old.


African Hearts

Bringing kids out of the slums in Uganda and providing school, food, housing. There is also a newly built nursery school for 200 new kids ages 3-5. Meals are provided 5 days per week, along with medical services and english class. They have also been able to provide means for the transitional home to double it’s occupancy from 20 to 40. http://www.african-hearts.org/

Healing Faith, Uganda

Malaria prevention, education and treatment. For just $5, 3 children can be protected from malaria with a mosquito net. in 2015 4,000 nets were purchased! http://www.healingfaithuganda.org/

The Young Living Foundation recently built a home in just one week for a family who owned their property but only had a dirt floor/cardboard house. 1,000 volunteers applied for 40 spots! I just love how there are more offers to work than spots available. Thank you God for a caring company!

Thanks, Stephanie


Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

or AKA Peanut Butter Melt-in-your-mouths! Seriously these are the most delightful little bites of goodness and they are SOOOO easy to make. How much better does it get than that?? Okay, it gets better if someone else makes them for you!

Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

½ cup natural peanut butter (or any other nut butter. sooth or crunchy)

2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

A pinch of ground pink salt


Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl

Microwave bowl for 30 seconds to soften mixture and ease the pouring process

Line a small tin or Tupperware with glad wrap and Pour the mixture evenly into the lined tin  OR

Use an ice cube tray. My favorite for this is a tray with silicone bottoms. This way they pop right out.

Place in freezer for 45 minutes

Cut in squares and feast! Or pop out of ice cube trays…

** Notes:

If you manage not to eat it all, keep the fudge in sealed Tupperware or ziploc baggie in the freezer as it melts very quickly

You can totes drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup effect or mix in some mini chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life brand). peanut butter fudge IMG_4267 IMG_4265

Above is a picture of the fudge in the silicone bottomed ice cube trays.

Enjoy! And now I must go make some!!

Wellness Wednesday, proactive wellness

It is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY lets talk about being proactive about your health. There are lots of ways to do that, but the best (and easiest) way is through the foods that we eat. Hippocrates (“the father of medicine” and writer of the hippocratic oath that doctors take to this day) said “let food be thy medicine”. If you are using essential oils, you are already doing that in a sense. But lets look a little deeper at ways to do this.
Start thinking of ways to incorporate essential oils into your cooking. For instance, my lunch today was a baked potato with rosemary oil. First thing this morning, before breakfast, I put a drop of cinnamon bark oil in my warm lemon water and drank that on an empty stomach. Read more about the benefits of cinnamon here.
And you can read more about the benefits of warm lemon water in the morning. chai latte peppermint milk shake 2
Note: if adding oils as spices and flavorings to food, remember that they are very potent and therefore start with a toothpick dipped into the oil and then into your food. If you need more, you can always add more, but you can’t take it away!
And just for fun on this cold day, here is a great recipe:

Chocolate Peanut butter Cheezecake

I have a voracious sweet tooth. I actually use plenty of strategies to get a handle on this beast, but sometimes you just must feed it!! So, when that moment comes…I feed it with something that is homemade, less sugar, made with healthy ingredients (which always means dairy free and gluten free)

I have quite a few in my arsenal, here is one that is celebration worthy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheezecake

what you will need: (springform pan, vitamix or similar)


Aquafaba…..I am totally obsessed!!

Aquafaba. What is it you ask? I’ll tell you, but you might want to sit down, because this is going to sound a bit crazy….

It is the juice that is leftover from a can of Chickpeas. Actually referred to as brine, and you can use it from any type of  bean. What do you do with it? This is so crazy, but it makes fabulous meringues, Macaroons, ice cream and oh my gosh….so much more. Can you imagine that this is a perfect egg replacement. So whether you just like the idea of trying something new (like me), you are allergic to eggs, are vegan or whatever- you can use this juice/brine.

So my first attempt at using this new secret was to make meringue cookies. My mother in lay use to make them and my kids remember that. I am not necessarily a huge fan of them but decided to just give them a go. They ended up being the lightest, airiest, melt in your mouth like cotton candy delightful things that my mouth has experienced in a long time! WOW. Just WOW!

Like I mentioned, you can use the brine from any beans. I make a lot with chickpeas so I have this on hand frequently.

Here is how I did them…


Aquafaba Meringue cookies

1/2   C Aquafaba ( the liquid from a can of beans) * I used chickpea

1/2 C + 2 Tbsp   sugar   * I have done it with both granulated and powdered. both worked

1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1) preheat oven to 225

2) Using the whisk attachment on your mixer and beat the aquafaba on high for about 5 minutes. It will be foamy.


3) Add the  rest of the ingredients and beat on the highest speed for 10-12 min. until the mixture is thick and holds its shape. the peaks wont be quite as stiff as the traditional egg variety. the good news is that you can’t overwhip.

4)  Drop spoonfuls onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Or you can make some really pretty cookies by putting them in a bag with a icing tip. I tried this and it was really easy! you can also just cut a small corner off a ziploc bag and squeeze them out in smooth dollops….also lovely.

5) Bake for 1 hour 20 min. Then turn off oven letting meringues sit for another


I added some peppermint essential oil to a batch and it was fabulous. I also added some red coloring so my mind knew that they were peppermint! I am the only one who likes to know what to expect when they are biting into something? It almost makes it taste better!

Note: I searched all over and cant find the pictures that I took. So, until i make a new batch, I had to find some pics online. I will swap them out as soon as possible. But I will add that I choose  photos that looked just like mine!


Chocolate chip cookies!

After trying them I KNOW that you can use this for any kind of cookie. Because I just plain feel better when I eat Gluten free…these are GF/DF  (dairy free because cows milk wrecks me!)

IMG_2542Chocolate chip cookie recipe: (remember to use organic!)

1/2 c vegan butter at room tempurature (I used earth balance sticks)

1/2 c packed brown sugar

1/4 c granulated sugar (unrefined)

1/2 tsp bake powder

1/2 tsp bake soda

1/4 tsp sea salt ( I like Real Salt brand)

1 tsp vanilla

3 tablespoons chickpea brine

1 c + 2 tbsp all purpose flour (I use gluten free. If you choose to, add 1 tsp xanthan gum)

1-1.5 c chocolate chips ( I love  Enjoy Life mini chips)

1) preheat oven to 350.

2) in a bowl cream butter and sugars

3) add bake soda, powder, salt, vanilla and brine. Beat to combine

4) add flour and beat until mixed (if it seems too runny, remember you can add a touch more flour. I didn’t need to )

5) stir in chips

6) spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake for 810 min. let cool for 2 on pan before moving to a cooling rack.


ENJOY and SHARE with others!

Next I will try Lemon Meringue Pie  (or tartlets), Meringue cake and a family favorite Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova!






Hiking Trail Bar

We all LOVE a grab and go meal or healthy snack! I have found that so many of the ones offered on the grocery store shelves are full of preservatives, GMOs, wheat and dairy (which I avoid). Even if what I find is free of all those, I can often still feel like there is a brick in my belly after finishing one off. So, being the creator that I am, I decided to just try and make my own! I started with the recipe for some that I had while I was out in Arizona at Canyon Ranch. When you go on one of their hikes, you have a hikers breakfast packed to eat halfway through. This is terrific because you leave around 6 am, and who can get up, brush your teeth, get dressed AND eat and still be at the meeting spot on time?? 6 AM on vacation is tough enough!


Hike and Trail Bars


1/2  C almond butter

3/4  C honey (or can be brown rice syrup)


2  C  puffed brown rice cereal (rice crispy style) **I used Erewhon brand

1 1/2 C flaky cereal (whole grain, buckwheat, corn whatever) ** I used Natures path brand Flax plus

1 1/2 C dried apples, diced

1 cup total: pumpkin seeds. sunflower seeds, walnuts (chopped), almonds (sliced), cashews (all or some)

1/2 c Chia + flax seeds    (this is where i would dump extra because I always love extra protein sneaked in!)

1) mix wet together in a saucepan and heat to melt together

2) mix dry together

3) mix wet to dry

4) either spray, grease or line with parchment paper a pan

5) press mixture into pan (I use a flat jelly roll pan, but you can use a pyrex style baking pan.) It is sticky, so I found that putting a piece of parchment paper on top and rolling over it with a rolling pin. pressing it tightly helps it to stay together better.

6) chill. then slice and wrap in saran wrap. store in the fridge or freezer.





SOOOO GOOD, and SOOOO good for you!



Banana Bread that Rocks!

banana bread

I made some banana bread tonight that totally rocks! It also happens to be gluten free and dairy free. I chose to add chocolate chips, but you could add walnuts instead. When I decided to make the bread (shouldn’t we really call this cake?? maybe), I looked in the pantry to see what flours that I had available. I was going to use all almond flour, but I didn’t have enough. The recipe below will call for almond flour, but use what works for you- or what you have on hand. Cooking and baking is all about fun, easy and playing with flavors! I was at Canyon Ranch in Tucson last week and the  chef there likes to use certified gluten free Oat flour for all of his gluten free baking. It is easy to find if you look for Bob’s Red Mill brand, they are available in so many places! He likes it because it has good texture, some of the flours are so fine like  corn starch , that it doesn’t work quite as well. Back to the recipe, Where it says Almond flour, use what you like or have on hand. For the bread I made tonight I had 1+  cups of blanched almond flour, a cup + of courser almond flour, so I added about 3/4 cup of oat flour (the made up the final amount to equal 3.5 cups) then 1/4 c chia flour ( because i accidentally added too much oil and I knew that it would help to offset) I am including the extra oil and the chia in the recipe because i like the benefits and protein of chia.(you can reduce oil to 1/4 cup and skip chia if you refer) I used my Vitamix to make flour out of chia seeds, which I always have on hand for smoothies and salads. I also used a combo of coconut oil and olive oil (mostly coconut and topped off with olive to fill measure) Choose which you like or have on hand 🙂  If you choose chocolate chips with or instead of walnuts, be sure to get dark chocolate ones or dairy free ones. I use “enjoy life” brand.

Banana Bread without any guilt (the recipe)

Bowl 1:

3.5 Cups Almond Flour

.25 c chia flour ( or try chia seeds!)

1.25 tsp sea salt

1.25 tsp Baking Soda

.25 tsp gr cardamon

.25 tsp cinnamon

.25 tsp vanilla powder  (or liquid vanilla, but add to liquids)

Bowl 2:

3 large eggs

1/2 c light agave or sweetener of your choice ( i used date sugar because I wanted to try it)

1/2 c oil ( grapeseed, coconut, olive or a combo)


5 Large ripe  Bananas ( I used some that i had frozen for smoothies, worked great!)

1/2 c chopped walnuts or chocolate chips ( go heavy if you really LOVE them, like ME)

1.  preheat oven to 350 and coat mini loaf pans with oil.

2.  place bananas in a food processor and pulse until blended, set aside

3. mix dry ingredients in bowl 1 (larger of the 2)

4. mix wet ingredients in bowl 2

5. fold wet into dry, then fold the combo into the  bananas ( i cheated and lightly mixed then dumped all into the processor and pulsed until well blended)

6. mix in nuts and or chocolate chips  by hand

7. pour into molds, sprinkle with nuts or chips if you like- then bake for 15-17 minutes. Let them cool slightly before removing from the molds.




T shirt Blankets, the best memory quilt ever!

You can take 25-35 of your favorite t shirts or shirts from your favorite places and I can make a t shirt quilt for you. These make the greatest graduation gifts.IMG_6929 IMG_6168


you can include shirts from vacation spots, concerts, festivals, the possibilities are endless!IMG_6047

For graduation gifts, I always recommend using shirts from preschool, elementary school, trips, church functions, clubs and sports.  Keep in mind that as soon as kids graduate they no longer identify with their High School because now they feel like college students…or at least no longer a high school kids!



This one is a One Year blanket made up of “first” outfits from Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, and plenty of Just cute ones! and it is toddler sized for snuggling!IMG_8722


Daddies like them too! This one is made of all Peachtree Road Race T shirts! A very special one indeed.And there are 3 empty spots to add 3 more years worth. IMG_9818 IMG_0849


Warning: when you realize how much fun these are, you will find yourself intentionally finding a shirt whenever you go on vacation! I recently had to warn our traveling companions that I would be stopping by cheesy shirt shops when stopping in different countries on a cruise in order to buy a shirt to cut up and put on a quilt! They didn’t think that i was too crazy, well at least they didn’t say anything, probably only because they are FAMILY!

You will find that this is an all time favorite!



Melaleuca Alternifola (Mel A)

mel A

AKA Tea Tree Oil. You have probably heard of this one before, since it is now in many store bought products. In the pure form that is offered by Young Living Essential Oil Company, there are SOOOO many uses.

You can diffuse, inhale, and apply topically if you dilute with a carrier oil.  I actually use it “neat” on the occasional blemish.

  1. Skin care: blemishes, dry patches, this oil has cleansing effects
  2. Maintains the body’s defenses
  3. Crud Killer when added with thieves and oregano.
  4. Diaper Rash Cream, just mix some with coconut oil. Add ing some lavender would be helpful too.
  5. Pedicures: add to the foot bath to prevent yuck later!
  6. Lice going through your kids school? prevent getting them by mixing with Rosemary, Purification, Peppermint and Lavender
  7. Toe Fungus and Athletes foot relief
  8. Toner: make your own with Witch Hazel, lemon and purification
  9. Helps Psoriasis and Eczema
  10. Neti pot: mix with lavender and a pinch of salt for congestion and Sinus pressure
  11. MRSA: mix with Thieves, oregano and some coconut oil, then rub on your little’s feet. Your own also!
  12. Shingles relief
  13. Poison Ivy relief
  14. add some to your shampoo.
  15. good for infected hair follicles when mixed with coconut oil.
  16. mix with water to help eradicate mold. I also add thieves for a bigger punch!
  17. Make a spray for pet or trash odor by mixing with water.
  18. Pets: helps with seasonal allergies and is great when mixed with coconut oil for puppy’s paws after running over rough terrain.




As you probably already know, a lot of oils are mentioned in the Bible.And almost everyone knows that Frankincense was one of the 3 Wise mens gifts to the baby Jesus. It makes sense, God created things in nature to help heal our bodies when they can’t do it on their own.  The great thing about the oils is, again, no bad side effects AND all kinds of benefits.

So, here are some ways to use Frank:

  • Headaches:  Apply to your thumb, putting your thumb to the roof of your mouth for a few seconds.  (I always try the peppermint first because it’s less expensive so if I don’t need the Frank. I don’t waste it.)
  •  skin; wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, sun spots, skin tags…  It is an ingredient in my face moisturiser recipe and others put it in their face cleanser recipe.
  • Now, let me be clear, I would NEVER suggest you not consult a physician if you are ill or need treatment!  With that said, frankincense has been shown to be an incredible contender in the healing arena.  There are a lot of testimonies from cancer patients with amazing results, it is an antitumoral and immuno-stimulant.  Wound care is another good example.  (Again, the FDA doesn’t want to hear about treatments and protocols with regard to essential oils but since they don’t cause harm, why wouldn’t someone want to try them?)  Go ahead and google frankincense and see what you learn, much more on the subject than I can put in here.
  • Some people use frankincense when dealing with anxiety.
  • Some use it for breathing/lung/asthma/respiratory infections issues.
  • Some use it to help with their depression.
  • and warts, skin tags, moles, stress, swelling, arthritis, herpes, tonsillitis, meningitis, coughs, staph, prostate, ulcers, emotional well being….

Try spending some quality time with Frank; Frank makes the world a better place 🙂

Face moisturizer recipe:

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut oil
  • 10 drops Frank              (wrinkles and spots)
  • 10 drops Lavender     (all around healing, anti aging)
  • 3 drops purification and/or Mel-A (Melaleuca Alternifola) (blemishes, all around healing)
  • Mix together and put in a jar. Use 1-2x daily. It only takes a tiny amount..less than a pea size.


  1. whip the oils together to keep at a softer consistency.
  2. add Vitamin E oil and/ or Borage oil
  3. add melted Shea butter and/or almond oil, avocado oil
  4. other beneficial oils: geranium, elemi, carrot seed, melrose

Have Fun making up some face moisturizer! It will make you AND your face HAPPY!

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