You can live healthy without over the counter drugs…..



If you could use something for your headache (sleeplessness, allergies, anxiety, etc.) that didn’t wreck your liver or kidneys, didn’t cause other health issues and side effects….would that interest you? It sure did me! I have really learned so much about taking care of my health and my families health by using a natural alternative to typical OTC (over the counter) drugs. It is all just so exciting! the possibilities are endless!! I will continue to add info to help you to learn. Feel free to ask questions if you don’t see what you are looking for.  (you can get a little more info here too….)


Frankincense:  read more here

Mel-A (Melaleuca Atlernifola): read more here

NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro: read more here

Seed to Seal promise: read more here

you can live healthy without OTC drugs!

What else can you do with a starter Kit? (along with an update of what is included), read more here

Trouble sleeping certainly causes all kinds of trouble! sleeplessness can often lead to more than just being tired. Lack of sleep often leads to immune deficiency which leads to disease.





Essential oils offer great options to chemical based products that you would have given your pets. does your pet (dog, cat, bunny, bird) suffer from itchy skin, thunder freakouts, separation anxiety?



Headaches? Well then say good bye to them without sacrificing your liver! I will also add one more great fix that isn’t on this list… Frankincense. Just one drop on the roof of your mouth.




so many uses!! Here are some other ideas…..





There are also supplements that will help you to rev up your health and have you feeling better AFTER workouts



Ningxia Red is an awesome super dense nutrient packed shot of super goodness!! The Ningxia Red alone (without adding the extra oils) packs a punch so big that it truly benefits EVERYONE, young-old(er), sick to healthy!! I will post about this more later!



there are also many ways to use oils. This is great news. It means that you have choices and can use for little ones too. You can add to water or even put in a capsule and swallow.



Inhaling is also very effective. we use this method often with peppermint oil to completely clear up congestion. Seriously, rubbing a drop in my hands and cupping over my nose MAKES IT ALL CLEAR!! No Benedryl, Afrin, not any of it, and I am all better.






Here are some great suggestions for HOW to use oils while diffusing for specific complaints.







Carrier oils are an option for Diluting oils. Of course water doesn’t work as well, you know.. water and oil don’t mix! You can use this for lotions and creams as listed below..but you can also dilute right on your skin. Let’s say that you add peppermint to your temples for a headache and it tingles on your skin enough to bother you…just rub a little of your choice of oil right on your skin and it will feel better quickly. How awesome is that!


Now, you might not be in big favor of organic. Totally and individual choice. But, when it comes to something that is super concentrated (that would be oils that are distilled) you really don’t want to add concentrated pesticides to your body. Young Living is a brand of essential oils that make quality the number one priority when producing their oils. They own their farms. they keep the standards HIGH.

IMG_7419 IMG_7418

If they don’t own the actual farm, they partner and make sure that the farm follows the quality controls that are so important in producing quality therapeutic oils. Because this brand is so committed to finding relief from various issues that plague us. These are the same issues that are driving many to pile pharmaceuticals into their bodies. If you are ready for a change, a change back to the old ways (think eastern medicine, biblical times and indian remedies)for relief without harsh chemicals….give this some thought.



If this interests you. you have some choices in how to get started. You can contact me to order a bottle or 2 (or more!) of individual oils, OR you can sign up to order them yourself! Both are terrific options. feel free to contact me at or leave a  reply here.

To go directly to the place to sign up click here. This will take you to the sign up link. From here, you will become a member. Now, don’t  jump out of your skin, you can buy a kit (seen below, and THE BEST DEAL ANYWHERE!) and never buy anything else. There is no obligation. Disregarding the fact, that never ordering anything again would mean that you weren’t really using your oils to their fullest extent, it is an option. This is your best Boost your Health option. This is a great way to Balance your life and your health. The starter kit is just that ….a great way to start. The reason that this is truth, is that this is a group of oils called The Essential Everyday Kit. This is a collection of 10 oils that you can seriously use daily. Then to that kit, a diffuser has been added along with a bottle of Citrus Fresh with a roller top (I would actually add this to the top of the stress away and keep it on your person. )  Then you even get 2 samples of Ningxia red 2 oz packets (more on this later- just awesome!) and some samples of oils in handy 8 drop pouches. You can toss them in your purse/briefcase, top drawer at the office or give them away to friends or family. Please don’t sign up to be a retail customer. If you just want an oil or 2, I will gladly get you started with them at the wholesale price. This is good stuff, but wasting money just isn’t. Okay, so keep on reading through and getting your learn on. When you are ready to jump in, click here and get ready to change your life!






Now, I am going to let you on to a secret… some peeps love this stuff so much that they have turned it into a great home business. That isn’t my personal goal, mine is to share how well these work because they have really been enormously helpful for my family.  I simply LOVE them. Many that I know have bought them for the same reason. With that said, many have also built this into a fine home business. I know of 5 men that have recently left their jobs, real jobs, really GOOD jobs (running an ER, college President, Church IT guy, Physical Therapist, Sales for a Building company) to join their wives for the home based business. I am not making any promises, but simply letting you know that it is an option. If it is an option that floats your boat, I can totally point you in the right direction! Notice the graphics above? They are put together by the group that i am part of. It is called the Lemon Droppers and they totally support and supply all kinds of boosts and bonus pieces that support all of us. Ready for this? You can even get gear, marketing pieces (magnets, tri-folds and more) and Insurance! I mean, seriously, Insurance!!! SHHH, this is a well kept secret. But, you my friend, are now in the know. You are a lucky one!