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Hiking Trail Bar

We all LOVE a grab and go meal or healthy snack! I have found that so many of the ones offered on the grocery store shelves are full of preservatives, GMOs, wheat and dairy (which I avoid). Even if what I find is free of all those, I can often still feel like there is a brick in my belly after finishing one off. So, being the creator that I am, I decided to just try and make my own! I started with the recipe for some that I had while I was out in Arizona at Canyon Ranch. When you go on one of their hikes, you have a hikers breakfast packed to eat halfway through. This is terrific because you leave around 6 am, and who can get up, brush your teeth, get dressed AND eat and still be at the meeting spot on time?? 6 AM on vacation is tough enough!


Hike and Trail Bars


1/2  C almond butter

3/4  C honey (or can be brown rice syrup)


2  C  puffed brown rice cereal (rice crispy style) **I used Erewhon brand

1 1/2 C flaky cereal (whole grain, buckwheat, corn whatever) ** I used Natures path brand Flax plus

1 1/2 C dried apples, diced

1 cup total: pumpkin seeds. sunflower seeds, walnuts (chopped), almonds (sliced), cashews (all or some)

1/2 c Chia + flax seeds    (this is where i would dump extra because I always love extra protein sneaked in!)

1) mix wet together in a saucepan and heat to melt together

2) mix dry together

3) mix wet to dry

4) either spray, grease or line with parchment paper a pan

5) press mixture into pan (I use a flat jelly roll pan, but you can use a pyrex style baking pan.) It is sticky, so I found that putting a piece of parchment paper on top and rolling over it with a rolling pin. pressing it tightly helps it to stay together better.

6) chill. then slice and wrap in saran wrap. store in the fridge or freezer.





SOOOO GOOD, and SOOOO good for you!




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  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe. This looks wonderful!

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