Think for a moment of those that you know (of) that seek attention, they really don’t have much respect. from others or themselves. This isn’t always true, but it is often.



Why is this SOOO much easier to believe than to put into action??? There are so many times that I want answers NOW!!



I  know this is so true. As an adult, I haven’t really come across many that I have lost trust in. Is that just because experience has made me wiser in choosing those that I hang out with? Maybe, maybe not. But I have teenagers, actually I am raising my 5th one (no lack of stories here!!) This is a lesson that is really hard to teach. Of course, the part about why to always tell the truth is easy to teach, but the fall out from not being truthful..I find that so much harder. All the same, it is truth.



Tags along with the one above it quite nicely, dontcha think?



Now, go out there and fulfill your dreams through your passions!



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and keep this in mind!



after all we ALL have the occasional emergency!