I am a wife and mother of 5 great kids. A few years ago my family and I started moving away from the typical American diet (processed foods) and more towards fresh eating. We also call it “clean eating” or “single ingredient” foods. Jack Lelane once said “if God didn’t make it, I don’t eat it!” Sometimes we can forget that God didn’t make the chicken nugget because they are so ubiquitous. I truly believe that going back to fresh cooking (which often reguires very little prep) and using natural products that we can greatly impact our health. By avoiding harsh chemicals in our food and environment we can breathe easier and feel better. Who gets to the end of the day and says “I had too much energy today, I wish I hadn’t done as much as I did?” I hope to encourage you to make daily habits out of things that will impact your life. It is amazing how small changes can have huge results. Cheers!bermuda weekend-3













In addition to being passionate about the health of those that I care about and spreading the word on how to make the best of your own life, I am also and artist. I specialize in pencil portraits and oil paintings. It is my way of seeing things through God’s eyes. When I am drawing or painting, I really look at the subject differently. I like to spend time focusing on what makes it special, what drew my eye to the picture, person, etc. This makes me consider what brings out the beauty in everything. It is my pleasure point. The hard work that stretches me to grow more. It is funny how the things that come easy don’t impact us as much as the things that we have to really work hard for.

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So there is more that I love, I mean this is the “about Stephanie” section. Not that I am very complicated, in fact, I believe that I am just the opposite- very simple. I like simple. I keep trying to simplify life as often as possible (did you notice the “clutterlessness” tab?) Anyway, the other part of doing that I love doing is T Shirt blankets. These are just so dang fun! I take your favorite t shirts (races, trips, school, whatever) and create a blanket that will way out last wearing them!


The most favorite time is to give/get them for high school graduation gifts….

IMG_6168 IMG_6170

Another is for grown ups! concerts, family trips, just funny shirts, memories to wrap yourself in….




This one was really special. My cousin had lost her mother and her (close friend) grandmother. She had some of the sweaters, dresses and such that brought back memories. But what in the world do you DO with that stuff? It isn’t like you can relive the memories while these treasures are in a box under the bed. So, I took these treasures and added some of the special shirts and outfits from her teenagers baby years. Now she has a blanket of loving memories to cuddle up in!




This was a first for me…. I was asked to take the outfits from a baby’s first year and create a memory blanket of all the “firsts”. First Christmas outfit, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines day, Easter, and lots of others. Look how fun this is! It is smaller than the usual throw size, but perfect for the toddler!