As much as I love smoothies, even more I love that I can choose to add some extras that really pack a nutritional punch. Below is a list that I recommend everyone get to keep on hand to add into smoothies. So many options and the best part…..they don’t change the taste (most any way.) This means that you can pick your smoothie mix/flavor and add from below to pump up the power! Go forth and conquer your  Health!


Chia Seeds:

In just 1 ounce, these little bitty seeds offer a powerful nutritional punch. These seeds are loaded with Antioxidants, Fiber, Protein, Omega 3s, Calcium, Manganese, and Magnesium. Offering 11 health Benefits….read more 

Hemp Seeds:

Hemp Hearts, or shelled hemp seeds, are one of natures perfect foods- a super food. The potent food supports well being for life and adds to good health. What benefits you ask??? How about weight loss, increased and sustained energy, rapid recovery from disease and injury, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and controls blood sugar, and …..wait for it…..Improves your immune system!! read more

Raw Cocao: (adds a chocolate flavor)

Cacao beans are seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree, a small evergreen tree grown in Mexico and South America. Cacao beans are roasted and ground to produce cocoa and, after further processing, are the basis of chocolate. When the beans are dried at low temperature, however, they are called raw cacao beans, which can be consumed whole, broken into pieces called nibs or ground to produce raw cocoa powder. Cacao beans are rich in natural antioxidant compounds with many health benefits. Some of those include antioxidants, cardiovascular, cancer… more

Dates: (sweetens)

The benefits of dates include  being  rich in several vitamins, minerals and fiber too. These delicious fruits contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are all beneficial for health. Some health specialists have said that eating one day per day is necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. They also offer relief from constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia,  sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and many other conditions. Wow! That is A LOT packed into a little fruit.

The massive health benefits of dates have made them one of the best ingredients for muscle development. People consume dates in several ways, such as mixing the paste of the dates with milk, yogurt or with bread or butter to make them even more delicious. The paste is beneficial for both adults and children, especially during a time of recovery from injury or illness.   Read more 


Maca’s benefits have been long valued, and has recently been popularized as a supplement and food ingredient. Why? Becasue Maca is loaded with Vitamins B, C, E, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Amino Acids. It also helps with energy, general health, skin, mood balance, sexual function, and women’s health and mood.

Note: There are no serious known side effects of maca, but like any other supplement it should not be taken in large amounts. When you first start using maca, it’s best to begin by taking smaller amounts and building up; even 1/2 teaspoon is a good place to start. And at the other end, 1 tablespoons (of the powder) is an average daily dose. Rotating a few days on and a few days off is often recommended. Taking too much can lead to adverse effects and throw your hormones out of whack. If you experience this, you should take less or wean yourself off completely.  Read more

Dandy Blend:  (adds a coffee flavor)

Dandy Blend is a unique coffee substitute that has no caffeine. It is the only instant coffee alternative in the United States that contains dandelion root. To Americans, dandelion may be considered a weed, but to people all over the world it is a valued vegetable and highly respected herbal medicine. It is one of the top six herbs in the Chinese medicine chest. If your doctor has recommended that you give up coffee (and/or add dandelion to your diet…well hard to believe!), This is the best product to allow you to continue enjoying the flavor and texture of a good “cup of Joe” at the same time. 

It also contains over 50 trace minerals (which the majority of Americans are seriously deficient in),  most of which the body uses to help synthesize compounds needed in metabolism. read more

Flax oil and Flax seed:

Flax is loaded with health benefits that include Omega 3s, lowering cholesterol, healthy skin, healthy hair and nails, lowers risk of heart disease and cancer, helps with Crohns,  Colitis and Sjogrens (dry eyes) symptoms, and works as a natural laxative, reduces menopause symptoms, and can aid in  burning body fat.  read more

Raw Honey: (sweetens)

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way. The differences between raw and pasteurized honey are substantial. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. These are the very nutrients that are destroyed during the heating and pasteurization process. In fact, pasteurized honey is equivalent to and just as unhealthy as eating refined sugar.

Raw honey has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, eliminates allergies, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds and all types of infections. Raw honey’s benefits don’t stop there. Raw honey can also stabilize blood pressure, balance sugar levels, relieve pain, calm nerves, and it has been used to treat ulcers, canker sores, bleeding gums, sore throats, laryngitis. Raw honey is also an expectorant and anti-inflammatory and has been known to effectively treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Ready for more…slows aging, relieves morning sickness, prevents anemia, lowers total cholesterol and helps to raise HDL (good) Cholesterol and can help with sleep issues. WOW. that is amazing for little bees to accomplish.     read more

Brazil Nuts:

Brazil Nuts are super high in selenium, in fact, one will provide 100% of your needed daily value. a Must for thyroid support. These babys also provide Omega 6s, protein,  minerals and vitamins E and B complex.       read more