Today is the day!! You are going to choose to make one healthy change in your life. 

It is so easy to do ONE GOOD THING. 

So, to help you get started, I am going to give you a get started list to choose from.

The Easy List:

1. Start walking. 1 mile. 3 miles. Whatever you can do. Commit to it at least 5 x/week.

2. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water

3. Have a salad with lunch AND dinner

4. Don’t eat anything after dinner. (I know, I know, this is tough)

5. Every morning before you have anything else, drink warm water with half a fresh squeezed lemon (pull it out of fridge the night before so that it is at room temperature)

A little bit harder:

1. Give up all bread products for (just) one month. See if you feel better at the end. 

2. For 5 weeks turn away from all dairy products

3. Lengthen your daily walk

4. If you like a relaxing cocktail at the end of the week (day even) switch to red wine

5. Enjoy the natural detox and add lemon (or lemon oil drops) to all of your water

Take it up a notch:

1. Say “no thank you” to sodas (here in the south, we call those cokes!)

2. For one week (you gotta start somewhere) don’t have anything processed. With a commercial, in a package or with a label. 

3. Start doing push-ups before you step into the shower. One or 50. Just start. 

4. Do planks before getting in the shower. This makes remembering to do it easier.  

5. Begin to investigate the term “clean eating” (how about that! You don’t actually have to make a change with this one……yet)

Why these things you ask?? 

Start walking: this gets your body in gear. It uses muscles, this burns energy, but most importantly….your body was made to move and parts start breaking with they aren’t used.

Water: skin, elimination, organs (okay, so skin is also an organ), all of it…it all needs water. AND, when you are dining the right amount of water, you aren’t drinking sodas. 

Salad: First of all we all need more vegetables. Second this will help to fill you up with real food, hopefully helping you to avoid (ahem) crappy food. It is also a good base to fill your nutritional needs.

Eating after dinner: again, there are multiple reasons why not to do…for many that is the dessert binge time. I am not saying that all desserts are verboten, but the later that you eat anything, the harder it is to digest. At night, your body is trying to go into sleep mode, digesting food interrupts that.  

lemon water: the warm water going into your blood stream before anything else has a fantastic detoxing result. this also helps you to start the day off with WATER, which you probably need more of. lemon also has a TON of benefits (energy, nails and hair, anxiety, bloating, clarity, gallstones, constipation, oxygenates cells for optimal weight management, alkalizes body, boosts body’s defenses, detoxes digestive tract as well as liver) TIP: swish around in mouth to prepare your stomach for ultimate digestion. 

IMG_4708 IMG_4973

Bread/gluten: I know this is such a hot topic right now. but the truth is that our food chain/supply has changed drastically over the last 60 years. it changed form being about nutrition to being about making money. As a result, the majority of the wheat that is produces for Americans today is altered, i like to call it adulterated. Our bodies can not process this Frankenwheat. Want to know more? Read “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis, MD. What we have now, causes all kinds of disruptions in our bodies and is processed as if it is straight sugar. Let it go. I have yet to meet even one person that tried this and regretted it. 

Dairy: A myth we have heard all of our lives, you need dairy. For bone strength, and for other reasons. want to know more? Start with the documentary Forks over Knives.  In the meantime, consider this…what other animal have you ever heard of that drinks another mothers milk…especially after the baby is weaned? 

Longer walk: no explanation needed, just time to push slightly more.

Red wine: By now, just about all have heard that red wine is good for you. You do have to consider that moderation is important here. The benefits are that if you are having an adult beverage, red wine is less sugar, most tend to drink red wine more slowly. Less Alcohol. Less Sugar. All a good step forward. 

Lemon all day: because of lemon previously mentioned benefits, adding it to all water is a good thing. It is even a better idea to add 100% therapeutic pure and organic Lemon essential oil from Young Living. I cant tell you the benefits that are possible. Well actually, I already told you a quite a few of the benefits of lemon, but the list goes on!

Soda: lots of reasons to just say no. 


Processed foods: Big food companies are in the business for the profit, not in concern for your health. The list of preservatives that are used along with another assortment of added chemicals that are not good for human consumption. Beginning to think about how to care for yourself will offer you large benefits as time goes on. think back to your grandparents. Often, they grew a good amount of their own food, and often canned any thing that they could.  Even going to the grocery was a very simple event. The grocery stores were only the size of what todays convenience stores look like. This says a lot! 

Push ups and Planks: This is body strength. This is important. weight bearing activity builds stronger bones. This prepares us to build muscle and to turn on our internal furnace. It allows us to grow strong and to continue to climb stairs, carry groceries, take out the trash, go out to dinner, play with the grandkids….all the important stuff in life!

Clean eating: this is a newish term since our grandparents did this without thinking. It refers to eating organic, non-processed, single ingredient foods (that means when you eat zucchini it is ONLY zucchini)  

So now GO FORTH and conquer a new GOOD habit. One step at a time towards lifelong health!!!



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