Essential oils have been around since before the Bible was written. Now that is longevity! The reason why this is so interesting is that people have been using them as powerful healers well before Merck or GlaxoSmithKline made commercials touting the benefits of chemicals and all the side effects that go hand in hand.


Now we have a company that has made it a priority to grow, harvest, distill the highest quality plants into usable oils that can help to relieve the discomfort of common ailments. The aim is to get these high quality oils into every home. The company is 20 years old, but the founder has been using them in clinics and the like for many years before beginning Young Living. There is a sign in the distillery that reminds all who pass through and work there that Quality is the priority. As simple as the sign is…It speaks volumes.


Almost all of us have some sort of “issue” that bothers us. You might get headaches, while I live with a dog that I am allergic to, my husband snores and has some sleep apnea, my oldest child is full of stress with a new job and studying for her CPA exam, another one works outdoors and often cuts or burns himself. I could go on longer, but you get the idea.

Does this make you excited like it does me? want to read more about the promise of purity in bringing clean, powerful , healing oils from plants into our homes?

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