Thieves, Just does SOOOO much! Especially, in this cold and flu Season. For example:

  • I put this on the bottoms of my feet  or rub on my hands before going somewhere germy like planes, malls and classrooms.  (Do you know of anyone else who goes on planes and into malls and classrooms?)
  • It is also great for sore teeth after braces adjustments. My friend used on her teeth and gums after having dental work done and my son swished with coconut oil after having all 4 wisdom teeth removed. That is how we fight bacterial infections here!
  • I gargled, swished, swallowed in a capsule and applied to my feet  when I thought I might be coming down with something. Then I have the family do the same thing.
  • I like to put a few drops in a small spray bottle with water and a little witch hazel to use as air freshener. (I was sure to shake well before spraying; as you know, oil and water don’t really mix.)
  • I bought the Thieves cleaner that is highly concentrated and use it on everything from mirrors and glass tabletops to the greasy stove.  (I just dilute accordingly.) And it smells SO good, not like the  chemically cloroxy can’t breathe stuff.
  • Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse. It just  smells sooo good and when tested at Weber State University, it was found to have a 99.96% kill rate on airborne bacteria!
  • and just a few more from my list of when to use: viruses, colds, flu, sore throats, bronchitis, strep, toothaches, gums, cold sores, infections, cuts, poison ivy, add a drop to wine, candida, coughs, pneumonia, fungus, strengthen immunity.
  • how to use: diffuse, ingest, topical. Dilute with a carrier oil if skin is sensitive.

This is one of Young Living’s (YL) most popular blends.

Love ya,