This is SOOO super easy and SOOO good for you. The benefits are numerous (see the photo).
How To:
1. Grate Tumeric (I like to use a small size grater)
2. put it in a jar, put jar in fridge
3. scoop a heaping Tablespoon into hot water

4. Steep
5. Drink up

*Add cinnamon and mix together


*Add a touch of coconut palm or maple sugar (lower GI). This will sweeten it just a touch. And can be added in the mix. (without the honey effect listed below)
*Add Raw Honey. let it cool a bit before adding, otherwise you will kill some of the benefits of the honey with the heat.

Below is a picture of the MOST AWESOME tea glass anywhere ever!! You can put the Tumeric or tea leaves in the jar (glass on the inside, plastic on the outside) then screw the filter top on and let it steep. if you like tea leaves that have a limited steeping time, you put them in the top, close it up and turn it upside down for steeping.


Here is a link: