Living healthy is really just about starting some healthy habits. It is easy if you start one or 2 at a time, and then layer on another as you move forward.

Here is a LIST for you to start with…. I just LOVE lists, so to me, this is just about as awesome of a way to do anything that I can think of! But that is me. If you HATE lists, then think of it as a guide.

The most important thing to do is to just start somewhere. Your health IS your life. Your life is better the better your health is. Seriously, we hear this all the time, the sick person says “if I had only made changes earlier” and the wealthy person says “if I could pay for better health, I WOULD”. Then there are the parents, that had been very unhealthy, they finally take control and now they are able to ENJOY playing with their children and living the life that they had dreamed of. We all have dreams and being sick, feeling sluggish, taking boatloads of prescriptions and seeing doctors regularly….well, that just isn’t part of anyones dream!

Now go tackle that list!