mel A

AKA Tea Tree Oil. You have probably heard of this one before, since it is now in many store bought products. In the pure form that is offered by Young Living Essential Oil Company, there are SOOOO many uses.

You can diffuse, inhale, and apply topically if you dilute with a carrier oil.  I actually use it “neat” on the occasional blemish.

  1. Skin care: blemishes, dry patches, this oil has cleansing effects
  2. Maintains the body’s defenses
  3. Crud Killer when added with thieves and oregano.
  4. Diaper Rash Cream, just mix some with coconut oil. Add ing some lavender would be helpful too.
  5. Pedicures: add to the foot bath to prevent yuck later!
  6. Lice going through your kids school? prevent getting them by mixing with Rosemary, Purification, Peppermint and Lavender
  7. Toe Fungus and Athletes foot relief
  8. Toner: make your own with Witch Hazel, lemon and purification
  9. Helps Psoriasis and Eczema
  10. Neti pot: mix with lavender and a pinch of salt for congestion and Sinus pressure
  11. MRSA: mix with Thieves, oregano and some coconut oil, then rub on your little’s feet. Your own also!
  12. Shingles relief
  13. Poison Ivy relief
  14. add some to your shampoo.
  15. good for infected hair follicles when mixed with coconut oil.
  16. mix with water to help eradicate mold. I also add thieves for a bigger punch!
  17. Make a spray for pet or trash odor by mixing with water.
  18. Pets: helps with seasonal allergies and is great when mixed with coconut oil for puppy’s paws after running over rough terrain.