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Sunday is Cookday!

I love to cook on Sundays. we go to the farmers market for our weekly shopping on Saturdays, then after church on Sunday, I am free to play in the kitchen.


I always have something new that i want to cook and I usually put together some jarred salads for the week, so that I have a head start on lunches. This is so helpful because lunch seems to be my busiest time where I can be on a roll and forget to eat….then I am so hungry that I will reach for really bad choices( for e that is sugar or chips). But if the salad is there and ready, voila, fewer bad choices made. I like to use the quart sized jars and layer carrots, and maybe some cukes or zukes,maybe some chickpeas, then nuts or seeds (my favs are sunflower and pumpkin), maybe some goat or sheep cheese in a couple (I try to have non-cow dairy only a couple of times a week) and then I top with mixed greens. I like to use scissors to cut up the greens before i drop them in, then they are ready to eat without having any pieces that are too big to eat. you can put your dressing in the bottom of your jar or wait and add when you are ready to eat. I prefer to wait, but I have done both ways and they both work great. Funny, I have just realized that I almost always do my lunch salads first because they make the biggest difference in  my good eating habits!

Then, I move on to make breakfast for the following week.


This is a recipe that I LOVE called Coconut Creme. It is like a yogurt but made with young thai coconuts. Not at all coconut tasting. I like to add fresh blueberries and a tad of Ninxgia Berry Syrup.

I am also trying out A Super Cereal Blend That is made of nuts, seeds and quinoa and you prepare it like oatmeal.

then there are smoothies, but no prep needed for them!

Juices: I LOVE juicing, but sometimes I just don’t have (Okay, MAKE the time) to make it happen. I have a new little trick that I love. On Sundays (or any day!) I will juice a bunch of goodies and then freeze them in ice cube trays. This is a particularly helpful way to keep the leftover coconut water that comes from the thai coconuts when making the Creme. More on this in the breakfast post!


My favorite part is probably the goodies that I make from cleaning out the refrigerator. Sometimes it will be grilled or sauteed vegetables, or maybe a sauce  or chopped vegetable salad. Most often it ends up being a soup. Kitchen Sink soup is what I usually call it (that sounds better than Dump soup, because after all I dump all the leftover ingredients from the fridge in!)


But today I made FOOD BABE’S Wedding Weight Loss soup. As I was making it today when my eldest stopped by for a visit. It is a half way between a chicken soup and one of our family favorites- White Christmas Chili. I’ll say this….It is delicious! I am so glad that i made a double recipe so I could send said daughter home with plenty and I will still have plenty leftover.  I changed it up a little and squeezed some fresh Meyer Lemon juice in to the soup. YUM. (the photo does not do this dish justice!)

Today I also caught up on a few things that I had been wanting to make. One recipe was another one from Food Babe. Almond Butter Brownies. I’l just say this- my daughter and I are stuffed. There were only 3 pieces left. I guess I will be making more!!




They contain: almond butter, ground flaxseed,  salt, baking soda, coconut palm sugar and chocolate chips ( we used enjoy life because the are cleaner and dairy free). such simple ingredients!! get the recipe here

We ate them too fast to  show the full pan of them…Oh MY GOSH they are delicious!!




The second thing on my baking to do list was almond (gluten free and dairy free biscuits). I tried 3 different recipes. One was like a light and fluffy roll. The other 2 were more like a biscuit and cornbread combo. I tried 2 of the three hot out of the oven…then I just couldn’t eat any more….remember I had that delicious soup and 1/2 a pan of brownies! I’ll report my favorite when I try them in the morning. Looking forward to it already!


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  1. Candace Raymond

    February 4, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Great post! Thanks for the inspiration.

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