You can take 25-35 of your favorite t shirts or shirts from your favorite places and I can make a t shirt quilt for you. These make the greatest graduation gifts.IMG_6929 IMG_6168


you can include shirts from vacation spots, concerts, festivals, the possibilities are endless!IMG_6047

For graduation gifts, I always recommend using shirts from preschool, elementary school, trips, church functions, clubs and sports.  Keep in mind that as soon as kids graduate they no longer identify with their High School because now they feel like college students…or at least no longer a high school kids!



This one is a One Year blanket made up of “first” outfits from Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, and plenty of Just cute ones! and it is toddler sized for snuggling!IMG_8722


Daddies like them too! This one is made of all Peachtree Road Race T shirts! A very special one indeed.And there are 3 empty spots to add 3 more years worth. IMG_9818 IMG_0849


Warning: when you realize how much fun these are, you will find yourself intentionally finding a shirt whenever you go on vacation! I recently had to warn our traveling companions that I would be stopping by cheesy shirt shops when stopping in different countries on a cruise in order to buy a shirt to cut up and put on a quilt! They didn’t think that i was too crazy, well at least they didn’t say anything, probably only because they are FAMILY!

You will find that this is an all time favorite!