Hey Ya’ll,

I thought that I would let you see the OTHER side of The Young Living Essential Oil Company. 

Young Living has a Foundation, called…wait for it….Young Living Foundation!! LOL!

I thought that I would share some that they do through organized projects around the world. If you like what you read, you can choose to donate when you order or even to “round up” to the nearest dollar amount on your monthly order. If everyone did this, it would generate $500,000 each month!! Think of how much good could be done with less than 1 dollar each month from all of our members. It is breath taking!

Young Living Academy in Ecuador– 

Beginning with 83 students and now has 340 kids with a 100% graduation rate (the rest of the area is 20%). The first graduating class was the class of 2016!

It all started when Gary was establishing the farm in Ecuador and noticed that the one school was in poor condition AND it housed 42 students (grades 1-6) in one tiny room. There were limited supplies, broken tables and all around just pitiful conditions. The new school opened in 2009. The kids are also taught farming skills and see the seed to seal process first hand. They are also offered music, drama and dance classes, soccer, baseball and volleyball clubs, computer and english classes. 


Rebuild Nepal– 

Nepal is a nation in desparate need. The Foundation is building 112 homes and 2 schools. 

The new high school was built so that kids don’t have to walk 2 miles each way to secondary school. They have also built a brick making plant to supply jobs. Empowering a village, Strengthening a community.  https://www.dgaryyoungfoundation.org/product/rebuild-nepal/

Maestral Orphange in Croatia:

This is the only orphanage of it’s kind in the area. It simulates the model of a traditional family, with 5 children to one staff member per apartment. Focusing on the individual when caring for and nurturing the child. if you want to see more: http://maestral.org/

Sole Hope, Uganda

Sole Hope employs medical personnel to remove the jiggers from the children affected with Jiggers. What is a Jigger? They are small sand fleas that burrow into the bare feet of thousands of children without adequate footwear. the result is infection, gangrene, paralysis, occasionally amputation or death. Because there is misconception on the cause of the jiggers, they are also exiled. Once treated they are also provided with education, shoes, and ongoing support. Visit their website to order a kit to cut out old blue jeans in patterns to be used to make shoes. The use old jeans for the tops, recycled milk jugs for the toe support and old tires for the soles. 

visit their website to see how you can get involved! http://www.solehope.org/

Earthquake relief, Ecuador-

after the earthquake that registered a 7.8, some of the Young Living staff traveled to Ecaudor and teamed up woith staff there to coordinate and purchase food, water and supplies. They assembled emergency kits which also included Young Living products. All of the items were delivered to the most remote areas hit by the devastating earthquake. We are still continuing to supply supplies and resources as the country recovers and rebuilds. 


Hope For Justice

With more than 20 million slaves in the world – more than half of those which are women and girls- making human trafficking one of the most devastating social issues of our time. 

Hope fir Justice exists to end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation. Following a four tiered strategy, they hope to bring freedom to the least, the last, and the lost. Young Living is partnering to help them expand their quality educational and vocational training programs in Cambodia so the lives of more victims can be restored. They also partner to sell jewelry pieces that the rescued girls in Cambodia have made.  

Young Living Foundation also fully supports a High school for girls 13-18 years old.


African Hearts

Bringing kids out of the slums in Uganda and providing school, food, housing. There is also a newly built nursery school for 200 new kids ages 3-5. Meals are provided 5 days per week, along with medical services and english class. They have also been able to provide means for the transitional home to double it’s occupancy from 20 to 40. http://www.african-hearts.org/

Healing Faith, Uganda

Malaria prevention, education and treatment. For just $5, 3 children can be protected from malaria with a mosquito net. in 2015 4,000 nets were purchased! http://www.healingfaithuganda.org/

The Young Living Foundation recently built a home in just one week for a family who owned their property but only had a dirt floor/cardboard house. 1,000 volunteers applied for 40 spots! I just love how there are more offers to work than spots available. Thank you God for a caring company!

Thanks, Stephanie